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2017 Winter Quarter Adult Sunday School Classes

2017 Winter Quarter Adult Sunday School Classes
Beginning December 3, 2017, we will change the format of our adult Sunday school classes. We will now have 3 adult bible classes in addition to our college and career class as well as our First Principles class. Our teachers will rotate to a new class each quarter. We will provide you with the teacher and topic being studied for that quarter and you are free to choose whichever topic sounds interesting to you. The teacher, room assignment, and topics for the Winter Quarter 2017 are listed below:
Room 1: Steve McClelen – “Faith, Pride, and the Tongue; How They Each Influence the Others: A Study of James.” Fellowship room: Jason Turner – “12 Ordinary Men: How the Master Shaped His Disciples and What He Wants to Do with You.”
Auditorium: David Wright – “The Second Coming of Jesus: A Study of 1 Thessalonians.”
The Teachers of the following two Adult Bible Classes will not rotate:
Room 14: Gary Jean – College and Career
Room 2: Hesikiah Williamson – First Principles of the Lords Church

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