Speaking the Truth in Love

A Mathers Love

The Bible gives many comparisons of God’s constant care for r. His children. In the 103rd Psalm and in Proverbs 3, God is depicted as a concerned and disciplining father. Isaiah 27 mentions God as a gardener tending His garden. And in the 23rd Psalm, we read of God as a shepherd. But when God through Isaiah illustrated how great His love was for Israel, He likened it to the love of a mother for her child: “As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you” {Isaiah 66:13, see also Isaiah 49:15). Truly, there is nothing more natural than for a mother to cherish, care for, and comfort her child. Note, for example: • The unconditional love mothers demonstrate for their children is probably the closest thing on earth to His incredible love for us. • The gentle tenderness a mother expresses in handling her newborn child is so reminiscent of the tender loving care God promises to all the faithful. • The sincere sympathy mothers show for hurt elbows and hurt hearts is very much like the heart-felt compassion God feels and gives to each of us. • The sacrifice and unselfishness mothers exhibit time and time again toward their children reminds us of how benevolent and generous God has been to you and me. • The soft special kisses and the always sweet smiles that mothers so generously give can help us to understand and appreciate the joy God has for us now and forevermore. Just watch a mother with her child sometime. Take note of the sacrifice, dedication, care, tenderness, love, comfort, and joy she exhibits. Then remember that this is the way God loves us. So, thank you, mothers, for giving us a glimpse of God’s immense love! Edd Sterchi Campbellsville, KY

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