Speaking the Truth in Love

A Religion of Relationships

Too many people claim or act like Christianity is simply a religion of beliefs. And while belief is a crucial part of Christianity, it is much more than that. I contend that Christianity, in reality, is a religion of relationships. Take a look at John 15, for example. In verses 1-11 we can see that Jesus is the vine and individual Christians are the branches. To be productive, the branches must maintain a relationship with the vine where they draw nutrients and support. Thus, we must sustain a proper relationship with Christ to draw spiritual sustenance and produce fruit for Him. We must read and learn from His word and stay close to Him by walking with Him and living the way He leads. Now take a look at verses .12-17 in John 15. There we see that not only are we to have a relationship with Jesus, but we are to have a relationship with “one another.” We are to love one another. The word translated “love” in this passage is the verb form of “agape.” This is an unselfish, giving type of love that always does what is best for the other. This type of love cannot be practiced without being involved in one another’s lives. We must spend time with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We must develop a close relationship with them. Yes, Christianity is about relationships -relationship with the Lord and with His people. It is then we will be joyful and productive. What is your Christianity a ·religion of? A — Edd Sterchi Broadway church of Christ Campbellsville, KY

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