Speaking the Truth in Love

Are You Holding to Your Faith?

Good education includes testing. Teachers regularly give exams covering the material presented in class. Occasionally, they distribute standardized tests measuring overall academic progress.
God has an examination of his own. The final test is to be given on the day of judgment. In anticipation of that great event, we are wise to prepare, to ask ourselves some searching questions now—while there’s still time to make needed changes. Paul challenges the church to “examine yourselves, to see whether you are holding to your faith. Test yourselves” (2 Cor. 13:5). A simple multiple-choice assessment of our commitment to the faith could include questions such as these:

1. Which of the following describes my prayer life?
a. I can’t think of anything to say to God.
b. I enjoy prayer but don’t have time for it.
c. Every day I set aside private prayer times.

2. Which of the following describes my Bible reading?
a. I only read the Bible in church.
b. I read the Bible at home whenever I can find the time.
c. I read my Bible every day.

3. Which of the following describes my weekly giving?
a. I give what’s left after taking care of all expenses.
b. I give generously to avoid feeling guilty.
c. I gladly give a truly sacrificial offering.

4. Which of the following describes my entertainment choices?
a. I watch any TV shows or movies that interest me.
b. My selections are often inappropriate for children.
c. My TV shows and movies are appropriate for people of all ages.

5. Which of the following best describes my church attendance?
a. I attend Bible classes and worship whenever doing so is convenient.
b. I attend services most of the time.
c. I never intentionally miss a Bible class or worship service.

6. Which of the following describes my attitude toward evangelism?
a. I think that seeking the lost is someone else’s duty.
b. I talk to people about Jesus if they approach the subject first.
c. I constantly yearn and pray for opportunities to teach and influence lost people.

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