Speaking the Truth in Love

The Brown Trail School of Preaching in Bedford, Texas, trains men to preach the good news of Jesus. The curriculum emphasizes love for God, reverence for the Bible, and obedience to Christ. The school offers a two-year program. Students study the scriptures thoroughly and receive practical preacher training. In some cases, preachers’ wives study alongside their husbands or take the courses designed especially for them.

The Seagoville congregation has a long history of supporting Brown Trail. The church has three modest houses on its campus. Qualifying students are provided free housing in these homes so that they can more easily afford their education. Through the years the church has richly benefited from this association with so many outstanding Brown Trail students and their families.
Learn more at www.browntrailschoolofpreaching.com.
Seagoville 2017 Church of Christ Student Preachers:

  • Nathan Boyd
  • Joe Moon
  • Cody McCoy




Seagoville 2015 Church of Christ Student Preachers:  2015 Student Preachers copy

  • Casey and Bre Shawver
  • Marco Arroyo
  • Travion Saxton
  • Brayden and Chantelle Shelley


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