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Dinner with Family

Dinner with Family meets every Wednesday evening from 5:30 – 6:45. It’s okay if you are late. You are still welcome. Only $2 dollars for each person or $5 dollars for a family. Joyce and Paula want to especially encourage Christian men to come and lead the prayer for the meal!

2018 Summer Adult Bible Class Schedule:

2018 Summer Adult y Bible Class Schedule: (Sunday mornings)  ROOM 1: JASON TURNER TOPIC: HEROES –  A biblical perspective on the term “hero” FELLOWSHIP ROOM: DAVID WRIGHT TOPIC:  “Can You Believe It?” “A Study of Christian Evidences.” AUDITORIUM: STEVE McCLELEN TOPIC: How Well Do You REALLY Know The Bible? (Part 2) ROOM 2: HESIKIAH WILLIAMSON…

Vacation Bible School

VBS is just around the corner. Take a trip to an archaeological dig with Professor Carver Stone; his daughter, Ella; his research assistant, Fiona; and her younger brother, Finn as they discover amazing treasures! These aren’t the treasures you would find in a museum; they’re more valuable than anything else ever unearthed. As you dig…