Speaking the Truth in Love

Donna Ritchie

Donna is originally from Texas.   She has been here all of her life except for the 5 years she lived in Oceanside, California.  She was born in Kaufman and Raised in Seagoville.

“Seagoville was a very small town when I grew up here. Everybody knew everybody, and everybody’s mother knew each other, so we felt safe and were allowed to roam all over town until dark.”
As far far back as she can remember, She attended the Seagoville Church of Christ, “before the big auditorium and annex building.”  Donna  was baptized into Christ in September of 1973, “Willie Hamblin baptized me.”
“I can’t remember how many members there were back then, but the church building was nearly full every Sunday.”  “Roundhouse” began meeting when I was a young teenager, Gene Edmonds started that with the youth group.  It was a pretty big bunch back then, we had so much fun.”May be an image of 3 people, people smiling and text that says 'Crimson Ti Crimson Tide imson Tide'
Donna really enjoys teaching the 1st-3rd grade Sunday morning class, teaching in the Wednesday night Ladies class, and helping out with the youth group activities. Donna also serves as the part time secretary at Seagoville Church of Christ.  “I am also am a hairstylist and when I have free time I like to work on quilts.”
May be an image of 3 people“I also love being with my children and grandchildren. Most of my family plays sports, so I go to a lot of football, baseball, track, basketball, and softball games. Those grandchildren keep me busy.”
“I really have a lot of ‘favorite’ scriptures,  I heard someone say one time, ‘If you took all my favorite scriptures and put them all together, you would have the Bible.’ I love to read the Psalms, to me they are comforting. When I am troubled, I repeat to myself
Psalms 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”See the source image
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