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Numbers don’t lie: How to grow the Kingdom

Numbers don’t lie: How to grow the Kingdom
When it comes to asking people for Bible studies, this will take
time to become a habit, and to become comfortable with
doing this in practice. But when you are talking to a friend,
family member, someone known, someone at a cub scout
meeting, a waitress serving at a restaurant, a soccer mom or
dad you know while watching the game, etc, and you keep
trying you will get there. www.churchofchristevangelism.com
will have advise and tools to help you in such interactions.
Once you invite someone to church, to your house for a meal and a Bible
study, etc, it gets easier and easier the next time around. And once this
habit is learned, it can’t be unlearned. Once you are comfortable in the
patterns of this habit, you will stay in such a frame. The more you do this,
the more studies will follow. And with time conversions! 😀
It is important, once you get experienced at soul saving, to begin to teach
new converts to convert. When you do this, then the chain effect of
EFFECTIVE evangelism begins. It just takes one to start this ball rolling,
and it will keep rolling as long as the cycle continues, (of personal learning,
actively setting up teaching opportunities, converting others, and having
them learn the same process). It must always be emphasized to new
converts the need to share Jesus and that you or another in the faith, can
help them meet this goal.
I know of evangelists who convert 12-20 a year. But let’s go with the least
amount: Minimal 1 soul saved a year by one person and that person lives
30 more years bare minimum, if that person keeps this habit he’s learned
and does what he’s been taught, this will equal =30 souls saved. Say that
1 soul in the first year is taught to do likewise, again another 30 souls.
Let’s say the first guy and the second lay the ground work for each of their
total 60 souls to teach and save 60 more, that would be 120. In one
lifetime, if this was done again and again, the converted, converting, the
Christians learning to teach others Christ, how much would a single
generation change.
120 souls for 30 years = 3,600 people
3,600 souls for 30 years = 108,000 people
108,000 souls for 30 years = 3,240,000
3,240,000 souls for 30 years = 97,200,000
97,200,000 souls for 30 years = 2,916,000,000
The Gospel was preached in the whole world before the
destruction of Jerusalem, (70 AD). Just 40 years after
Jesus Died and rose from the Dead. Matthew 24:14
68 AD, the gospel was preached in the whole world
Col 1:23 (Also mentioned in Rom 1:8)
This was before planes, trains, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube,
the internet, cell phones, skype, emails, etc! Yet when people
hear “church of Christ,” baptism, “just follow the Bible”, in
this age, in this modern world, despite all we have, they don’t
know such terms from the Bible’s teachings and pattern. It’s
up to us to get up and start doing what the first century did;
that of sharing Christ’s truth.


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