Speaking the Truth in Love

Marco Arroyo

Marco was raised in Los Angeles, California, where he heard the gospel while in high school. A few months after he became a Christian, he preached his first sermon and knew instantly that his life was meant to be given to the preaching of the gospel. After high school, Marco attended the Brown Trail School of Preaching and graduated after two years of study and training. If it was not for the housing the Seagoville church provided to him, he would not have been able to go to preaching school!

Beginning with his time in school, Marco began to preach at various congregations in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and California. Soon after he began preaching, he started receiving invitations to speak at gospel meetings, lectureships, and evangelistic efforts in the United States, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Marco loves to teach God’s word to those inside and outside of the body of Christ. He loves Bible study, and is passionate about memorizing Scripture, which he says help him to be a more equipped Christian for all areas of life. He loves God’s word, and knows it has a very relevant message for all.

Marco also has a great passion for serving others. He often says that while he is a Pulpit Minister, it does not mean that all he does is preach sermons and teach classes. Being a Christian also means caring for others and being there for those in need, ready to sacrifice to help them physically and spiritually.

Marco married Maggie Arroyo (formerly Alvarenga) on May 10th, 2015, and loves to serve the Lord with her. Since they became husband and wife, they have participated in mission trips, door-to-door evangelism and in-home Bible studies, and have done many other works of service in the kingdom of God. They love spending time with and serving with other Christians and are excited to work with the Christians of the Seagoville Church of Christ!