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Questions God Asks – Do You Have Anyone Else Here?

Two angels come to Sodom one evening. Angels are messengers. They speak for God. These two appear as men. Lot recognizes them as strangers and urges them to accept his hospitality. He brings them into his house and entertains them with a feast.

The men of Sodom, all sexual perverts, surround Lot’s house at bedtime. They demand his guests. Lot refuses. The intention to assault his new friends is wicked, and surrendering them would be grossly inhospitable.

The men of Sodom are furious. They rail at Lot for judging them and then press forward to break down his door. The angels draw Lot inside, shut the door, and strike the men of Sodom with blindness. The blindness is probably partial rather than total. They can still see most things, but not the door. They grope for it, can’t find it, and eventually go elsewhere.Image result for sodom and gomorrah

Then the angels ask Lot, “Have you any one else here?” (Gen. 19:12). What about sons, daughters, sons-in-law? Sodom has strained God’s patience to the breaking point. The Lord has sent the angels to destroy the city. If Lot cares about anyone, now is the time to bring them out of the place.

God’s question is thought-provoking. “Do you have anyone else here?” We’re living in a wicked world. The fiery judgment unleashed on Sodom is a warning, a foreshadowing of the destruction of everyone devoted to the world’s possessions, values, and pleasures. Is there anyone I want to bring out of this place? A son? A daughter? A spouse? A parent? A friend?

What am I waiting for? Tomorrow? Am I promised another day?  Image result for sodom and gomorrah

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