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Questions God Asks – Where Are You?

Adam and Eve are hiding among the trees in Eden. And the Lord calls to the man, “Where are you?” (Gen. 3:9). That’s a strange question. Doesn’t God know where Adam is?Image result for genesis 3:9

Some years ago I was reading a book written by an atheist. He said that the God of the Bible was the most human of all gods. Adam was concealing himself in the garden, and God had to ask where the man was.

Of course, charging God with ignorance means disregarding everything else the scriptures say about him. The Lord has all power. He speaks the very world into existence. He is everywhere at once. Man cannot escape his presence. And God has infinite knowledge. He knows our secret thoughts. He knows how many hairs are on our head. He predicts the future in meticulous detail.

So why does the Lord ask Adam where he is? Suppose that a woman suspects her husband of committing adultery. She hires a private investigator. She gets pictures. And then she confronts her husband. “Have you been sleeping with Lisa?” Why does she ask this? She already knows the answer.

Adam, where are you? God isn’t asking for information. He is confronting the man with his sin. He is forcing Adam to explain himself. Why are you hiding from me? What have you done?

The atheist claiming that Yahweh is the most human of all gods intends to insult him. Ironically, his observation is a compliment. God is like mankind. To be more precise, we are like him. We are made in his image. And, because of his great love for us and longing to have fellowship with us, God interacts with us in human ways. His own Son empties himself, assumes human flesh, Image result for jesus on the crossbecomes a man, and reveals God’s glory.

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