Speaking the Truth in Love

Sermons on Comfort and Hope

Empires Will Fall (pm)

Empires fall.  History proves that they always have.  Will the United States of America fall?  Will this great and beautiful land that we call home suffer the same fate as all the other empires and nations that have come before us?

Our Greater Hope

We all have hopes.  We have a hope that our kids will do well in school this coming school year to move on to the next grade level.  We hope in our jobs we perform well enough to receive a promotion.  We hope that we can make it through the next few years so that we can…

The Resurrection of Jesus

Peter says that men and women born again have a “living hope” (1 Pet. 1:3). That hope defines our life in Christ. But what is it based on? Sunday Morning Worship – April 12 2020 Sunday Morning Worship – April 12 2020Join us ONLINE as we all together and worship our Lord together!To give to…

You Know Me

If God is love, then why did he create people in the first place, knowing full well that they would suffer? This is a fair question, but there is a better one. Seagoville Church of Christ (Live Stream) Seagoville Church of Christ (Live Stream)seagoville.org/liveAre you looking for a happy home? The Seagoville Church of Christ…