Speaking the Truth in Love

The Word of God

Brent Smith
When it comes to church growth and evangelism, volumes have been written about various methodologies. While there is nothing wrong with studying methods of spreading the Gospel and building up the church, we as God’s people must not get bogged down with the “how” to the extent that we just don’t share the good news about Jesus. If you want to study the Bible with someone, you have to ask for a Bible study, and you must be willing to hear “no” time and again and yet keep asking. If you want someone to visit Bible class or a worship service with you, you have to ask them and ask, ask again. As one studies the ministry of Jesus, it is interesting to see how Jesus simply took advantage of the opportunities to teach people as those opportunities presented themselves. As Jesus met individuals on the road, or by a well, or at a meal or at their work he would talk to them about spiritual matters. It is tempting for you and I to say things like “Work is not the time or place to talk to someone about the church” and if we’re not careful, there never is a good time or place.

God promised that His Word would not return to him “void.” That same Word is “quick” (alive) “and powerful” (Heb. 4.12). The Word of God is seed (Luke 8.11) that must be sown in the soil of human hearts (Matt. 13.18-23). As the apostle Paul planted and Apollos watered, so must we. To be sure, if we tell others the Good News and water (continue to teach and nurture those who receive the message with good hearts), God will give the increase (I Cor. 3.6). Brethren, every opportunity that presents itself, share the story of Jesus and invite a friend, co-worker, or someone you’ve just met to come and visit with us. Invite people into your homes, for a meal or just coffee and desert and then invite them to come to Bible class. Some of the best personal workers I have known have been teenagers who just kept bringing their friends with them to church services. Be relentless in planting and then watch God grow the church.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” Romans 1.16

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