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There’s a Lot of Guessing Going On

See the source image The “smart people” in our society have conditioned us to believe that scientists are infallible. They are superior to the foolish Christians who believe in God and the Bible based on faith. Atheists have the facts. They have evidence. They have theories so flawless that even calling them theories is ignorant at best and shameful at worst.

See the source image The fact is, everyone lives by faith. If an atheist races down the highway in his SUV, he doesn’t test the brakes every few seconds to make sure that they still work. He trusts the braking system based on prior experience. When he swallows a pill, he assumes that the physician has prescribed the right medication, that the pharmaceutical company manufactured the drug properly, and that the pharmacist correctly labeled the bottle. When he cites a scientific finding, he trusts that the researchers performed the experiment correctly and reported it honestly. That’s a lot of supposing. It’s faith.

See the source image Coronavirus science is providing a classic “teaching moment.” All-knowing scientists are engaged in pure guesswork. They are taking incomplete and manipulated data, jumping to dire conclusions, and scaring panicky Americans half to death. The sky is falling! We are all going to die! Oh, wait a minute! Only half of the sky is falling. Some of us may actually live to see another Christmas. Well, let’s revise that again. The sky won’t fall at all if we can prop it up with some social distancing. When the dust from the almost-fallen sky has finally settled, we may discover that the annual global death rate is about the same as usual. But keep on trusting us. We know everything. We are smarter than God.

See the source image So when we tell you that life just happened by accident, don’t doubt us. Throw away your Bible and get out your model. We have a model for everything. And we promise to change it only once a day.

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