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Time Travelers

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Over the past several weeks you have heard references to our new Time Travelers Program. We would like to give you a little information about the program before our anticipated starting date, which is early October.

Time Travelers is a multimedia program held on Wednesday evenings for children who are three years old through third grade. This is a 3-year program, which will allow children to learn the bible, from Genesis to Revelation, multiple times. Memory work is a key component of the program with reinforcement given through puppet skits, live dramatizations, power point presentations, videos, and incentives and rewards. To help aide in the memorization of scripture, your child will have the opportunity to participate in our monthly memory challenge, which is reinforced through a puppet named “Book-Worm.”

During year 1 we will begin our studies in the book of Genesis learning about creation, God’s promises, the great Patriarchs, and continuing through the study of the wilderness wanderings and the period of the judges. Two puppets, Henry and Henrietta, will reemphasize the lesson by discussing how the story relates to real life situations.

Along the journey through the bible, parents will be kept up-to-date and informed through the use of parent letters, student folders, newsletters, and celebrations and award nights.
We want to encourage you to set aside Wednesday evenings and attend Bible study as a family, by doing so, you will be setting a wonderful example for your child as they learn about Gods word.

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