Speaking the Truth in Love

lightstock_110947_small_tim_450x450Each Sunday morning,  our services begin with classes for adults, teens, and children. Our teachers work hard to make their presentations interesting, practical, and scriptural. If you are a first-time Bible class visitor, you may wish to come through the main entrance. Friendly greeters will direct you and your family to appropriate classrooms.

After classes, Sunday morning worship services continue by including singing, observing the Lord’s Supper, praying, scripture reading, preaching, and giving back to God as we have prospered. The auditorium acoustics are excellent for singing, and our music is A’ cappella, which means without instrumental accompaniment. Our Worship Leader selects hymns that are a mixture of older and newer songs, and purposefully chooses hymns to focus on our relationship with God and each other. The Lord’s Supper is a weekly reminder of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. The unleavened bread represents the crucified body of Jesus, while the cup of grape juice symbolizes his blood. Our pulpit minister guides the congregation through the beautiful book of the bible, and teaches the inspired history of the early church.  While his messages may be topical, they are always scriptural, and will explain and apply specific biblical passages.  Members give financially so that the congregation may support the local work, fund foreign mission efforts, and show generosity to the poor. Visitors are welcome to give a contribution, but are certainly not expected to do so. The morning service lasts approximately one hour.

During the Sunday evening worship the congregation joins in singing hymns, prayers, a scripture reading, and a sermon. At the conclusion of the service, people who were unable to attend morning worship are given the opportunity to partake of the Lord’s Supper and give back to God. The evening service lasts about an hour.

The Wednesday evening service begins with Bible classes for adults, teens, and children. After class, everyone assembles in the auditorium for a devotion consisting of singing, a message, and prayer. The midweek Bible study lasts one hour.

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