Speaking the Truth in Love

Women of the Bible

Join David during his Sunday morning bible class as he walks you through the struggles these women faced.

To the 21st century reader, the women of the Bible may seem rather remote. After all, they lived thousands of years ago, spoke languages now dead, and had customs completely foreign to modern American life. Do the experiences of these women have any relevance to the daily lives of Christians in our time?
The answer is an emphatic yes. The women of the Bible were real people with real problems. They grieved over infertility, the sickness of their children, weak male leadership, and the death of loved ones. They struggled with worldliness, anxiety, envy, and bitterness.
The chapters in this book tell the biblical stories of some of these people. If reading about their lives draws you closer to God and strengthens your relationships with other Christian women, then my prayer for you is answered.

Esther’s Endangered Life

The Syrophoenician’s Sick Child

Rachel’s Empty Arms

Abigail’s Impossible Husband

Deborah’s Weak Leader

Rebekah’s Personal Favoritism

Mrs. Lot’s Worldly Home

Eve’s Sinful Desire

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