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Spring Teaching Quarter

The Spring Teaching Quarter begins Sunday March 1st.  On Sunday mornings, the adult classes will be as follows: Hesikiah will teach in room 2. Steve will teach in the fellowship room, and David will teach in the auditorium.  No classes will meet in room 1 on Sunday mornings.

Is Heaven a Trap?

Shortly after the publication of his memoir “Hitch-22,” prominent atheist Christopher Hitchens was interviewed by radio talk-show host Hugh Hewitt. In their conversation, Hitchens described how he visited Cuba in the 1960s and was relieved of his passport. Commenting on that distressing experience, he said something like this: “No matter how great a place may…

Winter Teaching Quarter

The Winter quarter begins next Sunday December 1st.  The adult classes will rotate as follows: Jason will be in room 1 with the topic:  “The Bible in 7 Passages” David will be in the fellowship room with the topic:  “Right in Our Own Eyes: A Study of the Judges” Steve will be in the Auditorium…